Revolutionary Spirit

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We started a revolution. From the Woodstock of food and drink to immersive dining experiences engaging all the senses…

The Tasting Sessions and Courvoisier have a long history. From our very first festival in 2009 described by punters as “The Woodstock of food and drink” to telling the world about the underlying trends of our newly immersive food and drink culture – we have shared this revolutionary spirit.

At The Tasting Sessions we have always believed in the transformative value of experience. And this is changing the way people in the UK want to dine.

People have never cared so much about food and drink as they do now. They are talking about it, connecting around it and seeking out new dining experiences. There are many businesses and individuals stepping into the breach to provide new and innovative ways to delight British palates.

Let us delight yours. Get in touch.

The Tasting Sessions Trailer

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Who are they? What is the meaning? Watch The Tasting Sessions trailer brought to you by Arm and Eye Films. The Journey starts here.

Elixir of The State

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The Tasting Sessions take things to a whole new level with the launch of a new and innovative food and drink festival in London on the 05 December.

Called “Towards a Fluid State” and held in an undisclosed warehouse location in Dalston, this festival will be the first of its kind. An immersive and informative food and drink experience profiling flights of Cognac, Whisky, Gin, Sake and Natural & Biodynamic wine matched with delicious morsels of food. Also a platform for some of the UK’s hottest emerging contemporary artists, musicians, set and fashion designers this will be a truly unique experience.

The festival will run from 3-11pm with timed entry and tickets start at £16.50. For The Tasting Sessions’ experience the “Liberate the State” ticket is recommended. A limited number of these tickets are available.

Tickets now onsale here

For more information check out the festival website

Cracking it

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Gone are the days of crusty old wine geezers, vol-au-vents and the standing fan napkin fold. The Tasting Sessions bring a modern twist with hot, young sommeliers at the top of their game, great wine, food and people. All this, in fabulous after hours venues around London.

Tuesday night takes on a whole new meaning with a glass of something extraordinary and a group of genuinely interesting individuals. Our members are a mix of professionals and creatives with one key mantra: a passion for good wine great food and an enthusiasm for life.

Who wants to read books that look behind the label? Wouldn’t you rather nibble and sip your way through whilst getting a chance to meet some the producers behind the scenes.

For our launch event on Tuesday 23 September, The Tasting Sessions have partnered up with Guillaume Glipa, Manager at the newly opened Kingly Club in St Martin’s Lane. And, English author Hugh Baker will be there to share a few insights from his book “Cracking French Wine“.

If you haven’t already received your invitation, please contact us here. To stay informed about future events and happenings subscribe to our email updates.

What is The Tasting Sessions?

We are experience curators. From premium and unique tastings, to wild sensory experiences and small sumptuous suppers. The Tasting Sessions is turning taste on its head.  More...

“At the cutting edge are The Tasting Sessions, a series of events that bring together fine booze and emerging artists and designers, plus music in unusual spaces.” Sunday Times Style

Wired magazine profiles The Tasting Sessions...

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