Cracking it

Cracking it

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Gone are the days of crusty old wine geezers, vol-au-vents and the standing fan napkin fold. The Tasting Sessions bring a modern twist with hot, young sommeliers at the top of their game, great wine, food and people. All this, in fabulous after hours venues around London.

Tuesday night takes on a whole new meaning with a glass of something extraordinary and a group of genuinely interesting individuals. Our members are a mix of professionals and creatives with one key mantra: a passion for good wine great food and an enthusiasm for life.

Who wants to read books that look behind the label? Wouldn’t you rather nibble and sip your way through whilst getting a chance to meet some the producers behind the scenes.

For our launch event on Tuesday 23 September, The Tasting Sessions have partnered up with Guillaume Glipa, Manager at the newly opened Kingly Club in St Martin’s Lane. And, English author Hugh Baker will be there to share a few insights from his book “Cracking French Wine“.

If you haven’t already received your invitation, please contact us here. To stay informed about future events and happenings subscribe to our email updates.


  1. Emilio Saez van Eerd says:

    September 18th, 2008at 21:50(#)

    Hi, I am the export Director for Spanish winery called La Casa de las Vides in Valencia. I happen to be in London next week, 23rd Sept. Could I come to your event? Sounds cool!

    Check out my latest blog post at about meeting people in the wine biz/and outside the wine biz, as I travel through the world.

    hopefully till next week
    tel +34 689009368

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