Discovery and enlightenment

Discovery and enlightenment

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For the past 5 years, The Tasting Sessions has been reinventing the food and drink experience. You never quite know what’s going to happen. We believe taste should not be a one dimensional experience. Expect secret locations, wild combinations of food and drink, performance and art which take you on a journey.

At the chocolate and booze experience, Deliver Us From Innocence, guests were challenged with temptations of biblical proportions. Taken on a journey through a fairytale forest they followed “Mr Truffus” through a cupboard door into BarNarnia and handpicked caged, golden apples from the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. Guests became part of a live TV audience where Snow White, a young Cockney lad in dress, demonstrated the best way to cook with poison apples. Little Red Riding Hood proved to be less innocent than the legend when the Woodcutter (who was also the Wolf) tried to have his way with her. Each experience included a mind-blowing chocolate and alcohol pairing with creatively themed food produced by Michelin starred chefs. You can see the photos here on flickr and the video below:

At Tequila: The Reconciliation, guests were taken prisoner and made to face their nemesis in a Texan-style Slammer – The Shoreditch State Penitentiary. Checked in by prison guards they were given standard issue prison wear and “drug tested” (served Tequila Sunrise in a urine sample jar). Mug shots taken, guests were let loose in the recreation yard. Muscle Mary’s vigorously pumped iron whilst swapping skincare tips and guests could “get inked” at the Mezcal Monkey Tattoo Parlour.

An expert master class profiling a range of premium and ultra premium Tequilas, freed guests from past experiences and misconceptions and they were welcomed into a colourful Day of the Dead celebration with a gorgeous feast. You can see the photos here on flickr and the video below:

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